Wiretree is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas led by Kevin Peroni. Initially a solo project based on homemade recordings, Peroni released Bouldin in 2007, and later recruited other band members to solidify the project. Four albums later, the band has been featured on “Satellite Sets” (an Austin City Limits live taping), toured Europe and played numerous music festivals including SXSW and China’s biggest music festival, the Strawberry Music Festival.

"Their songs have roots via Motown, the Smiths, the Strokes and beyond. The quartet can easily strike gold at its best."
- All Music Guide

Reviews found:

Strawberry Festival 2013 (China)
Musikfest 2012 (Pennsylvania)
Loop Festival 2011 (Spain)
Austin City Limits Presents: Satellite Sets 2011
SXSW 2009, 2010, 2013 (official showcases)
Austin Monthly’s band to watch
Blurt Magazine's Best Kept Secret
Neon Reverb Festival (Las Vegas, NV) w/ Walkman, the Soft Pack, Abe Vigoda
International Pop Overthrow Festival

Music featured:
PBS show “Hardly Sound” Featuring: Wiretree - 2014 Episode #205
The song When You Were Young was used in the CTV series Played late 2013
The song Get Up was used in season 4 episode 9 of The Listener on June 17, 2013, broadcast on CTV
The song Whirl was used in season 4 episode 11 of Heartland in early 2011, broadcast on CTV
PBS Roadtrip Nation (4 episodes US/Australia, 2010)
Delta Airlines Featured artist. Played on 11,000 flights (2010)
The song Big Coat was used in episode 4 of Roadtrip Nation in 2008, broadcast on PBS.

About the new album, Get Up
Peroni, an Austin native, spent his life listening to music from the UK, The La’s, Radiohead, The Kinks, along with US artists such as Grandaddy and Dylan - each influenced what would become this beautiful patchwork album. Get Up beats like a Shins comedown, while elsewhere much of the album is guided by the Power Pop light of Big Star. It was a conscious decision then to create an album that sounded homegrown and carefree, the general feeling being that too many modern albums are left feeling overly clinical, sterile and precise. The recording process itself was varied. Some songs were recorded live with the whole band (So Bold, To the Moon), other songs recorded alone (Marching Band, When You Were Young). The remaining songs were done in various studios, using different equipment and producers resulting in sonically different approaches to match the writing of each song. Peroni admits that when these new songs were birthed, it wasn’t with the intention of them becoming an album, which perhaps explains the resulting diversity.

Of the album, Peroni says: “The album before, I tried using only one producer, I let the band members push the music to more of a rocking sound, and that was good for the time, but it made me want to get back to the roots of how I hear music in my head. I think this new album is one of the most revealing in terms of how I hear and create music in my head.” For many, such diversity might signal a band yet to discover their true direction. But for Wiretree, now four albums in, their path couldn’t be more clear-cut; write the songs you want to listen to.